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Press Release – Robert Eringer v. Prince Albert II of Monaco


Santa Barbara, California (November 13, 2009)

Re: Robert Eringer v. Prince Albert II of Monaco

Prince Albert II of Monaco has chosen not to contest the merits of Robert Eringer’s Verified Complaint, but instead invoke head-of-state immunity. This is a tactical retreat by Prince Albert to avoid defeat at trial.  Head-of-state immunity is an absolute defense used by dictators around the world to avoid accountability in U.S. courts.  Due to the Prince’s use of immunity to evade engagement, Eringer has no choice but to withdraw his Complaint and seek redress through other means.

Eringer stands by the veracity of the Verified Complaint he filed against Prince Albert in Santa Barbara Superior Court on 5 October 2009.  (Complaint and exhibits available at www.rickslaw.com.)  If the Prince did not invoke immunity he would have been required under oath to either admit the allegations of Eringer’s Complaint and risk the political fallout–or deny them and risk a criminal charge of perjury.  Instead, the Prince remains mute, hiding behind lawyers who utter reckless pronouncements.

On 6 November Prince Albert’s palace staff and lawyer Thierry Lacoste falsely announced to the media that the Prince had filed a lawsuit in California against Eringer.  No such lawsuit has been filed, nor is such a lawsuit likely, as it would expose the Prince to the same under-oath legal processes he desires to evade

Eringer is satisfied to have set the record straight, under oath, about his five-and-half-year role as Spymaster to Prince Albert of Monaco.  Furthermore, Eringer is satisfied that he has been able to expose, on the record, Prince Albert’s inability to bring ethics to the Principality of Monaco contrary to his public announcements.

While his birthright precludes him from legal process, the Prince remains morally culpable.

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Press Release


Written by Brigham Ricks

November 13, 2009 at 5:03 pm

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